Dear Owners of East Asian Focused Blog:

Perhaps you found you way here by looking at your incoming links, but as this blog is in Japanese, you may not sure of the contents it holds. This blog is called, 東亜細亜ブログ観察・・・ブログ, or East Asian Blog Watching… Blog, and as you can probably guess from the title, this blog is really just a discussion of what is going on in other blogs.

There are many of us expats scattered throughout East Asia for various reasons ranging from the all too common English Language Teacher to the rare and highly revered Lawyer. But no matter what we do, we find it to be most exciting as we do our host countries; otherwise we simply wouldn’t stay. But since we are so far away from home, we often start blogs to keep in touch with distant friends and family members to tell of our journeys and experiences in a far and distant land.

After we’ve been here longer and begin to better understand how the societies work, many of us will begin armchair politics blogs. As it is in Europe, politics in East Asia are very rarely limited to domestic only matters. Anything that is going on in China effects what goes in Japan and Korea; and the opposite is true as well. We bring a much different view to the scene then those who have lived here their whole loves because we are not as intertwined in the history of these nations, and provide an often much needed outside opinion.

However the majority of us are sharing and discussion our opinions with a limited audience; other expats, in English. I think it would be great if we could talk about these very same topics with ‘the locals’, allowing for us to share our well respected outside opinion, and at the same time give us a chance to understand why something that could be dealt with incredibly straightforward in the west will never happen that way in the east.

Unfortunetly, I cannot read and write Chinese or Korean, but I can read and write Japanese. So I have decided to translate and comment on your stories and thoughts so that Japanese readers can too have the benefit of hearing what you have to say. Naturally I will focus on your writings that are specifically about Japan, but as I’ve mentioned before, everything is very deeply intertwined, so that push for democracy in Hong Kong, or the latest movie coming out of Korea is also of interest to myself, and my potential readers.